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SearchCap: The Day In Search, May 20, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • What We Know So Far About Google TV

    It’s very had to overstate the potential impact of Google TV (GTV) announced today. While there have been numerous efforts to put the internet on TV in the past (including Apple TV), none have really succeed with mainstream consumers. This may be the first Web-TV integration that has that potential.

  • Why Google TV Might Threaten The iPad

    I tweeted that the release of Google TV might let Google leap over the iPad. What? How’s that? Some people tweeted questions back, so I thought I’d expand a bit more. One of the biggest things to me about Google TV is that it will allow people to run Android apps on their televisions. It turns […]

  • Bing Maps Adds Three New Apps For Travelers

    If you’re traveling by car this summer, Bing has added three new tools to Bing Maps that should make your trip a little easier. Above is a screenshot of one of the three — a Distance Calculator tool. Let’s say, for example, that I’m thinking about driving to see U2’s concert in Oakland next month (which, […]

  • Live Blogging Google I/O: Day 2 Keynote: Android News & Google TV Announced

    It’s Day 2 of Google I/O, Google’s annual developers conference. The morning keynote gets underway at 8:30AM Pacific. What to expect? How about Google TV? An Android Tablet? TechCrunch found evidence that’s what we may be hearing about. We’ll see shortly. My liveblogging begins, below. Those at home can also watch live. […]

  • A Plea To Corporate America: Get IT Out Of The SEO Business

    They’ll thank you for it. A lot of people think I’m an Information Technology hater. I’ve often said that IT can be a huge impediment to SEO efforts. I constantly lobby to move websites off company networks. I strongly feel that Internet marketing is marketing first and technology second. But the truth is, I’m a huge […]

  • Privacy Issues Make Google Reconsider Product Strategy

    Still smarting from the privacy furor over Buzz and then the inadvertent collection of personal data from WiFi networks by its Street View cars, the Financial Times reports that Google is reconsidering how and whether it should use facial recognition technology: […]

  • Twitter Will Put Retweets Back In Search Results

    There’s been some commotion from bloggers and Twitter users who noticed this week that retweets had suddenly disappeared from Twitter search results. But Twitter says this isn’t part of a “war” on traditional retweets, and things will soon revert back to normal. The issue is that retweets weren’t showing up in search results for logged-in users, […]

  • Video SEO Opportunities With Google’s Recent Makeover

    Earlier this month, Google rolled out its redesigned search engine results page (SERP) with a new menu of search-refinement options on the left-hand rail. The recent modifications to Google’s logo and search results pages serve as big changes for a company whose design hasn’t changed much in years. Simply put: It’s a big deal. Google […]

  • Things To Consider When Organizing Your Ad Groups & Campaigns

    If you’ve been diligently following this column for the past three weeks of keyword posts, your list should be quite large by now. You’ve exhausted all of the research resources available and basically looked under every rock you could find (and then some) to find terms that might have even the slightest relevance to […]

  • Microsoft Sues For Click Laundering

    In a continuing effort to battle click fraud, Microsoft puts legal motions into place to stop “click laundering”. Microsoft said the most recent scheme could have defrauded advertisers of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Plaintiff, Microsoft, “… seeks injunctive relief and damages to remedy Defendants’ fraudulent conduct in perpetrating a sophisticated click-laundering fraud scheme on […]

  • Sergey Brin On Google’s Wifi Data Collection: “We Screwed Up”

    At a press briefing at the Google I/O developers conference today, Google cofounder Sergey Brin didn’t mince words about his company’s accidental collection of wifi data. “We screwed up,” he said. He was asked about the incident, where last week Google admitted it accidentally gathered data from private wifi networks around the world over the past […]

  • Russia’s Yandex Search Engine Goes Global

    Yandex, the top search engine in Russia, has launched a global search engine at Yandex.com. And some of the early user feedback is quite good. In its announcement (Russian language), Yandex calls this an “alpha service” and the “beginning of a long journey.” In this English-language news release, the company says it’s been indexing foreign web […]

  • According To Google, The BBC = AmirGabriel.com

    Here’s a weird one. Try a search for the BBC TV series Doctor Who on Google. You’ll find the official site, but look closely at the domain name. It’s amirgabriel.com, as shown above — not bbc.co.uk as it should be. What’s up with that? Has the BBC undergone a transformation in the way Doctor Who himself […]

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