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SearchCap: The Day In Search, March 1, 2011

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Yelp: Google Told Us “Our Way Or The Highway”

    If you wanted to see Yelp reviews for a particular restaurant you could either go to Yelp.com or you could go to Google’s Place Page for that same location — and that’s what Yelp is worried about. For the past year or so Yelp and Google have been a little like the two Koreas, not […]

  • DuckDuckGo Adds Yelp, The Free Dictionary To Search Results

    DuckDuckGo has added two new content providers to its “zero-click” search results: local business listings from Yelp and definitions from The Free Dictionary. Zero-click results are similar to the “one box” or “quick answers” that other search engines offer. Do a search for a specific local business, and DuckDuckGo may show its basic business info […]

  • Search Month: February 2011 Search News, In Review

    Search Month is an exclusive monthly newsletter for Search Engine Land premium members that recaps stories covered on Search Engine Land from the previous month. Below are top stories organized by topic that happened over the past month. Each topic (or Search Engine Land column) is also a link, where you can click through and […]

  • Bing Shopping Incorporates Natural Language Search

    If you search for “cashmere sweaters under $100″ on Bing or Bing Shopping, the search engine now understands what you mean, returning results for products in the category under the price point specified. Microsoft announced the ability to recognize price constraints today, describing the innovation as “a small step in our journey to make search […]

  • SearchWeek: February 28, 2011

    Search Week is an exclusive weekly newsletter for Search Engine Land premium members that recaps stories covered on Search Engine Land over the past week. Below are top stories organized by topic that happened over the past week. Each topic (or Search Engine Land column) is also a link, where you can click through and […]

  • Google St. David’s Day Logo, Morocco’s Ibn Battuta Logo & Martisor In Romania

    There are a few logos on Google’s localized versions that have special logos for the day. Google UK has a special logo for St David’s Day in Wales, Google Morocco has a special logo for Ibn Battuta and Google Romania has a special logo for Martisor. Google UK St David’s Day Logo: Saint David’s Day […]

  • How To Optimize For Facebook’s New ‘Like’ Functionality

    News was broken this weekend about new Facebook “like” functionality that will replace the traditional Facebook share buttons. The change beefed up the visibility of people’s “likes” by adding thumbnails, and meta data form Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol: This means that getting a page on your website “liked” will now be featured in the stream […]

  • A Link Building Blueprint: Utility Linking

    Almost every SEO I know spent the better part of last week discussing recent changes Google made to its ranking algorithm. This update hit some webmasters hard while others went unscathed, and results still seem to be settling out. Nothing I’m working on was impacted (knock wood) probably because I tend to use a wide […]

  • Where To Look For Cultural Differences In Europe

    It has been said many times before: optimizing for search and / or Social Media in Europe is more than simply translating a few pages from your US website. Not just because translating will get you in trouble with language differences all across Europe, but also because culture plays a major role in how successful […]

  • Hello Chomp, Goodbye Android Market

    Given the massive number of apps now on both the iPhone and Android some people (especially tech bloggers) complain regularly about the “problem of app discovery.” In fact we don’t know if regular users are similarly vexed. But let’s assume they are. On Android in particular “app discovery” has been less than optimal. Now iPhone […]

  • Google Adds More Trike Views To Google Maps Street Views

    Google announced they have added trike-view imagery to the Google Street Views. In 2009, Google introduced Google Bikes to pedal around the world capturing pictures of streets where cars could not venture. It has been over a year now and Google has added many of these “trike views” to the Google Maps Street View database. […]

  • On Twitter, Oscar Comes Up Short Against Super Bowl

    Sunday night’s Academy Awards came close to matching the Super Bowl’s overall activity level on Twitter. But, like the Pittsburgh Steelers or The Social Network, it came up just a bit short in the end. Twitter says its users sent a total of 36.4 million tweets in a five-hour span Sunday beginning with the Oscars […]

  • Google: Mobile Growth Occurring Faster Than Expected

    Google CEO Eric Schmidt says consumers’ adoption of the company’s mobile services has happened more quickly than executives expected. Schmidt, who is set to step down as CEO in April, spoke at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Springs. “It’s happening, and it’s happening faster,” he said. “We look at the charts internally, and […]

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