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SearchCap: The Day In Search, January 6, 2011

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Consumer Electronics Marketers Take Q4 Paid Search Boom Overseas

    Holiday shopping for consumer electronics is starting earlier than ever in the Americas, according to new research released by Covario, a search marketing agency that works with large global clients such as Intel, Lenovo, Research In Motion and Adobe. Covario found that, among its tech and consumer electronics clients in the Americas, paid search spending […]

  • How To Reduce SEM Churn With Integrated Customer Intelligence

    Turnover in the SEM world has been a long-standing challenge as annual churn estimates from Borrell Associates range from 50-70 percent. While every organization cites a slightly different number, the issue represents real revenue dollars as finding and onboarding a new client or a new SEM agency is no small endeavor. However, with new tools […]

  • Google Adding New Spam Warnings In Webmaster Tools

    Google is sending new warnings to webmasters when it suspects the sites may have spam-related problems that need to be addressed. Over at Search Engine Roundtable, Barry Schwartz points to two new warnings that users have discovered in their Webmaster Tools accounts: a “notice of detected unnatural links” and a separate warning about cloaking. That […]

  • South Korea May Arrest Google Execs Over WiFi Data Collection

    South Korean police are planning to file criminal charges against Google executives over the collection of personal data via unsecured wifi networks. According to IDG News/PCWorld, the country’s national police agency has determined that Google acted illegally when it gathered personal data as part of its Street View mapping service. A police official says they’re […]

  • Google Mobile Strategy Playing Out Flawlessly: Ads Growing, Android Beating iPhone

    Two sets of data released today show that Google’s mobile strategy is working incredibly well, if not flawlessly. Its AdMob unit reported that it now sees more than two billion ad requests on a daily basis. And comScore also stated that, according to its survey data, Android has just passed the iPhone as the number […]

  • How (I Think) Crawl Budget Works (Sort Of)

    Crawl budget – the number of pages a search engine will crawl each time it visits your site – is a huge factor in SEO success. While a number of factors go into determining the amount of pages crawled, one fairly strong one is the site’s overall crawl budget (crawl efficiency being a key component as […]

  • Foursquare Puts The Kibosh On Friend-Tip Spamming

    In an apparent effort to cut down on spam, Foursquare has started limiting the number of friends and friend requests that a user can have. The About Foursquare blog explains that some companies have friended tens of thousands of Foursquare users so that, when those users check-in somewhere, the companies’ tips appear more often. In […]

  • Google Teases “Honeycomb” Android 3.0 Tablet OS At CES

    Perhaps this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) should be renamed “AES” for Android Electronics Show — given all the handsets and tablets featuring the Google mobile OS that are being shown and rolled out. And today Google provided a sneak preview of the tablet version of Android (3.0), dubbed “Honeycomb.” The screens and the video […]

  • Ballmer At CES 2011: “Whatever Device You Use, Windows Will Be There”

    Today in his Consumer Electronics Show keynote, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer declared that Xbox is no longer a gaming device but an entertainment hub. And Windows will be everywhere, from your TV through Xbox, to your phone via Windows Phone 7, and on PCs of any type, especially through a forthcoming version of “Windows On […]

  • Facebook Funding Subject Of SEC Review: Report

    Perhaps not surprisingly, the SEC is reportedly looking into the recent Goldman Sachs Facebook investment. The Wall Street Journal, citing “people familiar with the situation,” reports that the SEC is in the early stages of an inquiry over rules concerning the dividing line between public and private companies. Goldman Sachs created a “special purpose vehicle” […]

  • Two New Mobile SEO Tips For 2011

    Happy new year everyone, and welcome to the year of mobile! I’ll pause to let my mobile colleagues stop laughing, as the year of mobile has been an industry joke since at least 2005, if not before. Did you know O’Reilly declared 2005 to be “the year of local mobile search” in March of 2005? […]

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