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SearchCap: The Day In Search, January 13, 2011

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google’s New China Plan: Target Display Advertisers, Report Says

    Despite its ongoing struggles in China, Google reportedly has a new plan for its business there: targeting display advertising, particularly amongst the growing export industry. That’s according to a Reuters report, which lays out Google’s new focus this way: Under the new game plan, Google is targeting Chinese firms to advertise on its dominant overseas […]

  • Europeans Go “Fishing” For Bad Google Behavior In Anti-Trust Inquiry

    According to the NY Times, EU antitrust officials have developed a lengthy questionnaire directed to advertisers as part of its antitrust inquiry into Google’s business practices. Broadly speaking the 120 question document “seeks to ascertain whether Google manipulated search results and used its popular platform to keep business and disadvantage rivals in online advertising and […]

  • Bing Now Powering Yahoo Search In 3 More Countries

    Readers outside the US may want to know that the Yahoo-Bing search transition is now complete in three more countries. According to this Yahoo blog post, Bing is now powering the Yahoo back-end for organic search in: Australia Brazil Mexico Bing started powering Yahoo’s organic results in the US and Canada last August.

  • Google Now #1 Search Engine In Czech Republic; 5 Countries To Go For Global Domination

    Google has just become the number one search engine in the Czech Republic, leaving only five countries on earth where it’s not the most popular site for searching the web. According to Toplist, a web measurement service, Google’s aggregate share inside the Czech Republic was 47.2% between January 4 and January 12 (yesterday). That’s a […]

  • Experian Hitwise: Bing Searches Up 5% In December 2010

    According to the latest data from Hitwise, Bing had a very happy holiday season. From November to December 2010, Bing.com saw a 5% increase in search activity, while Bing powered searches also rose 2%, search activity on search.Yahoo.com remained the unchanged. Search activity on Google decreased from 70.10% in November to 69.67% in December 2010. […]

  • Bing Enhances Auto Instant Answers with Car Listings

    One of Bing’s differentiating strategies is to offer increasingly rich information on the first page of search results: “instant answers.” (Of course Google and Yahoo try to do similar things.) In the context of autos, for example, Bing provides a great deal of information about fuel economy, pricing and links to other information on vehicles […]

  • Why FeedBurner Is Killing Your SEO Strategy

    When Feedburner was acquired by Google in mid-2007, we were all excited about the potential. As time progressed and Google really began to own and better develop its vision for the tool, Feedburner became increasingly useful. But with some recent emphasis on link wheels and automatic updates, there is a very good chance Feedburner could […]

  • The Connection Between Facebook Citations & Google Place Pages

    Google and Facebook’s ongoing battle to dominate the Internet can make it difficult to understand some Internet trends. This is further complicated by the fact that Facebook is blocking the Googlebot from crawling its pages. However, Google does have quite a few Facebook pages in its index – a quick search suggests as many as […]

  • Topsy Launches Brand-Friendly Twitter Widgets

    Topsy has launched what it’s calling Social Modules: embeddable widgets that bring Twitter content to any website. Topsy isn’t the first nor only way to do this — Twitter itself offers several flavors of embeddable widgets — but Topsy’s version offers a few brand-friendly options that I haven’t seen available elsewhere. Topsy’s module-maker is similar […]

  • German Govt. Says Google Analytics Now Verboten

    In a move that could harm its country’s own businesses, Germany is targeting Google on privacy issues again — this time over Google Analytics. German privacy officials are concerned that Google Analytics tracks web users’ IP addresses, and that could violate an individual’s privacy. According to German news site The Local, Johannes Caspar, data protection […]

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