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SearchCap: The Day In Search, January 10, 2011

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • European Commission Wants 7-Year Limit On Google’s Digitization

    At a hearing Monday in Brussels, the European Commission issued a report calling for a 7-year limit on exclusivity deals that Google and other companies are signing with libraries and other cultural institution to digitize their material. At the end of seven years, other groups would be able to use the digitized works for commercial […]

  • Google Goggles Has Mad Sudoku Skillz

    Google Goggles will be the death of Sudoku. Really, what’s the point in staring intently over a grid of lines and numbers and trying to figure out which missing numbers belong in which empty boxes when you can just fire up Google Goggles and solve the whole puzzle in a matter of seconds? Like this: […]

  • Survey: 77% Of Americans Oppose Search Engine Regulation

    Seventy-seven percent of American adults oppose government regulation of search engine results, and frequent Internet users oppose it most strongly. That’s according to Rasmussen Reports’ analysis of a new telephone survey conducted this week. The response is consistent with other results that show that 54% of voters oppose regulation of the internet by the US […]

  • Hot At Sphinn: Google Search Quality Declining, Scaling Local Marketing & More

    Activity is picking back up after the holidays on our sister site, the Internet marketing hub Sphinn. Last week, as most of us settled back into a regular work week, the hot topics on Sphinn centered on whether Google’s search quality is declining and how to scale local marketing. In our “Discussion of the Week,” […]

  • Why You’re Still Waiting For Hulu Plus On Google TV

    Nearly three months after Google TV hit the stores, Hulu Plus has yet to come to the service. Is the technical development really taking that much time? No. It seems more like Google and Hulu are still working out a partnership deal. Hulu Works For Samsung TVs Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show got me thinking […]

  • 5 Tips To Get Your Local Business Online In 2011

    For large companies, websites have long been a staple of the marketing mix, but even today, many small businesses struggle to establish a web presence. Lack of resources or knowledge about web development can often keep a small business offline. But for small, local businesses, a website can serve as digital storefront, providing a platform […]

  • My Search Marketing New Year’s Resolutions, 2011 Edition

    Looking through some old material the other night, I came across a column I wrote in 2009 about my Search Marketing New Year’s Resolutions. Not surprisingly, like many New Year’s resolutions, some of them didn’t get accomplished. But enough of the world has changed since I inked that column two years ago that I thought […]

  • Google Maps’ John Hanke Becomes Head Of New “Entrepreneurial Lab”

    Last year at a conference in London I was told by someone that Google Maps’ John Hanke was changing roles and that Marissa Mayer had taken over Local. The latter was obviously proven out by very public announcements. An article in Forbes now confirms Hanke’s role as the head of a new Google “entrepreneurial lab” […]

  • Google Partner Brings Big Data To Product Search

    Google has famously undertaken a high-profile initiative to show users where they can buy products offline in local stores. It has also launched a very non-traditional (for Google) shopping site, Boutiques.com. There have been additional improvements in the Google Product Search destination site, including more product-browse capabilities. Then there are product listing ads, which expanded […]

  • The Big List: 168 Marketing Trends, Predictions & Resolutions For 2011

    You’ve had a week to put 2010 in the past and start unpacking 2011. If you’re the type to do so, you’ve probably already made your own marketing resolutions for the new year, or thought about the trends and predictions that might make a difference as the year goes along. You have? Good. So has […]

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Recent Hot Items From Sphinn, Our Social News Sharing Site:

  • Second (and final) Call for Sphinn Editor Volunteers – As promised, we've put out another call as we look to add new volunteers to our Sphinn editorial staff. Please read the blog post for details on what the position entails and how to let us know you'd like to be considered. Thanks!
  • Why You Cannot Reverse Engineer Google’s Algorithm – Michael Martinez does a thorough analysis of why attempting to determine ranking factors used in Google's algorithm is a futile exercise; but also discusses what we can learn from such surveys and data. From the article – "…the other missing piece of the puzzle: Analytics Latency. As the search engines figure out new ways to mix up their algorithms at more frequent paces, our analyses of those algorithms fall farther and farther behind. The scale of analysis calls for weeks or months (even if you can cull the results of 20,000 queries tonight) of planning, coding, and testing."
  • The Problem With Being An SEO Consultant – It's Always Your Fault – An excellent post about SEO accountability that debunks the notion that it is someone else's fault when your work doesn't get implemented.
  • How Human Factors May Affect Information Indexing And Retrieval – When we’re information seeking via the Internet, we are seeking knowledge. There’s an unspoken agreement between a search engine and a searcher that says, “I want the best information on my topic that you can find.” Search engine algorithms try their best to deliver exactly that, but we’ve all experienced pages of results that miss the boat.
  • Survey Results: 46 Percent Say Free Shipping Increases Profits – Some interesting stats from Practical Ecommerce, and interesting quotes/comments in the story itself. It seems like a lot of online retails aren't sure there's any benefit to offering free shipping — while others swear by it as a tool to raise profits.
  • How to write the most effective PPC Ad copy – A simple guide for business owners and internet marketers on how to write the most effective PPC Ad Copy for best results.
  • Why the Numbers, Rankings and Followers Do Not Mean Squat! – Melissa Fach'sgreat article on maintaining perspective about the numbers game in social media is a must-read wakeup call for those still chasing followers everywhere.

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