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Saturday Night Live: Yahoo & AOL Merger Like Two Seniors Dating At A Nursing Home

A couple weeks ago, there were some rumors that AOL may buy Yahoo. This past week’s Saturday Night Live’s news brief skit with John Mulaney started off talking about that news bit.

John Mulaney said, and here is the transcript:

First up in the world of technology.

I heard this week that AOL might be buying Yahoo. I love it!

That is so sweet. It is like when two people in a nursing home start dating. They may not have much time left, but at least they have each other.

I love it!

You can watch the skit on Hulu, if Hulu allows you to. It is the introductory part of the snippet below, it starts right after the commercial and is over within 40 seconds. I’ve also embedded it below.

Hat tip to Peter Kafka for spotting this.

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