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UPDATED: Ripoff Report De-Indexed Briefly, Now Showing Again In Google Search Results


Ripoff Report, the popular site where people and companies post complaints about others, is no longer ranking in Google.

If you try to find any page on the site, Google will return zero matches. Try [site:ripoffreport.com] or [site:www.ripoffreport.com] and Google says “your search – site:www.ripoffreport.com – did not match any documents.”

Here is a picture:


If you search for the brand name, [ripoff report], in Google, the www.ripoffreport.com domain is not returned.

It is unclear if Google has penalized the site or if this is an indexing issue for the site.

Back in 2011, Ripoff Report removed themselves from the index. But I don’t see any signs that they specifically requested removal from Google.

We have reached out to Google and will update this story when we hear more.

One thing to note, the non www domain, http://ripoffreport.com, does not load for me, while www.ripoffreport.com does load for me.

Hat tip to @subtlenetwork.

Postscript: 30 minutes after posting this story and asking Google for a comment, the site is now back in the index.

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