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Report: Click Fraud Rate For Q2 2010 28.9%

Anchor Intelligence released their latest click fraud report claiming the click fraud rate for the second quarter of 2010 was 28.9%. That is actually slightly down from the first quarter of this year, which was 29.2%. But yet significantly up from the prior year, the second quarter of 2009, which was 26%.

Anchor Intelligence suggests the click fraud rate remains to be high due to a “dramatic growth in botnet scale and volume around the globe as well as the continued exploitation by malicious hosts of security vulnerabilities in the Internet infrastructure of countries such as Vietnam, Australia, and the US.”

It is important to note that these rates are not from search engines, they are from 3rd-party agencies that track click fraud based on their own methodologies. To download the full report go here.

Here are some quick charts and maps:

Click Fraud Rate from Anchor

Click Fraud Rate from Anchor

Click Fraud Rate from Anchor

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