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Reddit is building an Ads API, first 4 partners announced

Search Engine Land » PPC » Reddit is building an Ads API, first 4 partners announced

Reddit is building an Ads API, first 4 partners announced

Reddit says the API is meant to elevate the Ads experience for their growing advertiser community.

on October 27, 2022 at 10:08 am | Reading time: 2 minutes

Reddit is working on a new Ads API and have just announced their first four alpha partners. The partners will be integrated into the API and are helping build solution that will inevitably help advertisers build, scale, and optimize campaigns.

Who are the partners. The four partners involved in Reddit’s new venture are:

  • Vidmob
  • Sprinklr
  • adMixt
  • PMG

Who will benefit. Reddit’s API will benefit advertisers spending at scale, as well as self-serve advertisers who are using Reddit ads for the first time.

Release date. The API is still in development and there is no release date published at this time. Reddit says they are looking to “bring more strategic developers on board in the coming months.” 

What Reddit says. “We have long had the aspiration to build an ecosystem of partners via our API that enables more effective and efficient campaign management on our platform. The Reddit Ads API will allow a global, diverse set of partners and clients to access all the capabilities we have built and continue to develop to drive performance,” said Reddit COO, Jen Wong. “These foundational alpha partners represent some of the best and brightest across the industry in terms of innovation, creativity and adtech. Having them join our developer ecosystem is tremendously exciting.”

Why we care. The new API will help advertisers discover new audiences, trends, and additional data they need to optimize their campaigns for conversions.

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