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Recent Google+ Posts & "Add To Circles" Buttons Are Coming To Google's Search Results

Earlier today, ‘All About Content’ reported that Google+ data was showing in Google’s organic search listings.  Two different items are now appearing in the search results pages, recent Google+ posts and an “Add To Circles” button.  The only caveat?  These results will only show for select Google+ brand accounts that have been approved for Direct Connect.  Even those brands who have been approved for Direct Connect may have to wait, as these features are being rolled out slowly.  Here’s a look at the new additions:

Google+ Posts

Whether or not you currently have a Google+ account, Google+ posts will be infiltrating search results for brands that have direct connect enabled.  Underneath the sitelinks, the two most recent Google+ posts will show up.  Here’s a look at a search for “WWE”:

With these additional results, WWE can effectively eat up more real estate in the results, a real benefit for reputation management.  For those brand who haven’t yet been approved for Direct Connect, their results will remain unchanged.  Here for example is a search for “UFC,” a similar brand that does not have Direct Connect enabled:

“Add To Circles” Button

If a searcher is logged into Google+, even more of the social network will appear.  Just above the most recent Google+ posts a large “Add To Circles” button will appear:

The “Add To Circles” button is interactive, allowing users to choose the exact circles right from the results page:

How Can You Get This?

We spoke to a Google Rep and confirmed that the above functionality will be rolling out for Direct Connect brands slowly.  Right now, only a select number of the Google+ Direct Connect Alphabet have this.  So simply prep your site for Direct Connect, then wait your turn.

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