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Pre-Thanksgiving Google Logo Leads To Chef Ina Garten Recipes

If you visit Google.com today, you may notice a special Thanksgiving logo from Google. Yes, Thanksgiving is not until Thursday, but this year, Google is showing a logo days early. The logo leads to a Thanksgiving landing page with six recipes from Food Network TV Chef, Ina Garten. There is a link on the landing page that leads to a search result for her name, [ina garten].

Google Thanksgiving Recipes. Doodle by Ina Garten

This logo is different from the past logos in three ways:

  • It is uncommon for Google to offer pre-holiday logos (yes, it happens)
  • The logo leads to a landing page as opposed to a search result
  • The logo promotes a person without that person celebrating a birthday or anniversary

Postscript: Google sent us a statement on this logo:

From time to time our Google doodles link to a landing page which has fun and useful information for our users — similar to a recent doodle celebrating Giovanni Schiarpaelli’s birthday. We’re celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday a little early this year and collaborated with Ina Garten who brings a sense of warmth and style to her cooking. We hope our users enjoy her culinary advice and that it helps them get a head start on their dinner preparations.

Day Two Logo is now up on Wednesday:

Thanksgiving Recipes. Doodle by Ina Garten

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