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Podcast knowledge panels go live in Google Search

Google seems to be rolling out podcast-based knowledge panels in Google Search. When you search for your favorite podcast, you might see a new knowledge panel show up in the search results.

Example. Here is an example for the Azeem Digital Asks podcast showing up with a new knowledge panel on the right hand side of the desktop Google search results page:

This shows for many podcasts, although not all, so it seems like Google is still trying to roll this out more fully. Google has yet to officially announce this new search feature.

Here are some more examples the SEO community is talking about on Twitter:

Thank you @MattArtzAnthro for spotting this, you made my day/week/month.@cyberandy this is exciting
These all popped up overnight@MordyOberstein @lorenbaker @erinsparks @aleyda @Marie_Haynes @jdevalk @yoast

and many, many more…
If you have a podcast, check yours out 🙂 https://t.co/IHhRfJwuVp pic.twitter.com/kGDjLZTIHA

— 𝄢 Jason Barnard 𝄢 (@jasonmbarnard) October 12, 2021

Why we care. If you or your clients run a podcast, check to see if you are noticing this new knowledge panel in the Google search results. If not, it might be related to the RSS feed your podcast is produced on. Sadly, there is no official documentation how your podcast can show as a knowledge panel.

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