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Performance Max campaigns get support in Data Studio

Performance Max campaigns can now be included in Data Studio reports, Ginny Marvin, ads product liaison at Google, announced via Twitter on Wednesday.

Why we care. Many agencies and consultants use Data Studio to create custom dashboards to share with other team members, across teams or with stakeholders. Now, you can include data from your Performance Max campaigns in those dashboards, providing you, your colleagues and stakeholders with an easily accessible, real-time view of associated performance metrics.

Google is throwing its weight behind Performance Max. First introduced in October 2020, Google positioned Performance Max campaigns as a way to help advertisers stay ahead of trends by leveraging Google’s machine learning. Performance Max campaigns remained in testing until November 2021, when it rolled out to all advertisers.

Since then, Google has shown quite an investment in building out its capabilities, extending Ads API support shortly after rollout, then launching placement reports in January. And, last week, the company announced that Smart Shopping and Local campaigns would be automatically consolidated into Performance Max this summer.

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