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OneRiot Shutters Real-Time Search Engine, Focuses On Ad Network

OneRiot, one of the early entries in the real-time search space, has shut down its consumer-facing search engine that was previously available at OneRiot.com. The company has announced that it will instead focus completely on its advertising network.

“Realtime search is still very important to us,” writes OneRiot CEO Tobias Peggs. But he says the company will focus solely on its ad network, which already syndicates “millions” of paid search ads every day.

Our advertising platform has taken off like a rocket – both in terms of network growth and the number of advertisers who are seeking to engage with the social influencers across that network. Going forward, we’ll be focusing all our energy on this side of the business. It’s the right decision. Focusing means we’ll move faster and deliver more in this one area.

OneRiot has partnerships with social sharing sites like TwitVid and TwitGoo, Twitter apps such as Ubertwitter and Echofon, other real-time sites like Topsy and Kosmix, as well as some individual publishers, too.

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