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Official: Bing xRank Is Dead

Bing xRank is no more. A Bing spokesperson has confirmed that the search service was recently shut down. The xRank URL, http://www.bing.com/xrank, currently redirects to the Bing home page.

Launched in 2007, xRank was essentially Bing’s version of Google Trends, but with a number of additional features. The help page (which is still on Live.com) calls xRank “a cultural snapshot of who’s hot and who’s not!” It tracked the most popular search queries on Bing (and Live Search before that), and had special sections broken out for celebrities, musicians, politicians, and bloggers.

The service was expanded and promoted during the Microsoft Live Search days, but seems to have been less of a focus since Live Search became Bing.

(Thx to Brent Payne for the tip. Bing xRank screenshot below is via Wikipedia.)

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