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New Google Music Store Will Have Strong Google+ Integration

Last week speculation arose about a new cloud based Google Music Store that could compete against Amazon and Apple.  This week more news broke including the social integration that the Google Music Store may bring.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Google Music will tie in closely with the Google+ social network.   Users will reportedly be able to recommend songs from their Google Music account directly to Google+.  These songs will be able to be shared with circles, as friends will be able to listen to a  recommendation once for free.  Song would need to be purchased for additional plays, and speculation has the song price at about 99 cents per download – a standard price for MP3s.

Last month Facebook announced new ‘ticker’ functionality that integrates with popular social music services like Spotify, turntable.fm and more.  Facebook users can see what friends are currently listening to and comment, functionality that is very similar the alleged Google features.

Google Music is a bit different from other services like Spotify and iTunes, as users must upload from their current collections.  The WSJ reports that this new Google service could be launching within the next two weeks.

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