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Nail B2B Authority Targeting: Psychographic Targeting Hot House


True professionals are never off duty, even on Facebook. For most marketers, media spend is precious and not to be wasted, especially when playing the high-stakes, long game of B2B sales.

B2B marketers need to ensure their message hits the right business professionals who are high enough in the hierarchy of a company to make purchase decisions. This Psychographic Targeting Hot House post by Chris Davis, Account Manager at aimClear, will showcase how marketers can use Facebook’s mashed-up targeting to ensure their ads are seen by the people that can write the checks.

Why not just use LinkedIn?

Sure, marketers can go to LinkedIn, famous for its B2B targeting, but they could end up paying more per lead on average with less reach. Couple LinkedIn’s limited, pricey platform with the fact that LinkedIn’s ad selection is limited, and it can become frustrating to marketers looking for modern, creative ways to reach their customers without paying an arm and a leg.

While there are far more people active on Facebook on a daily basis, the way they interact and disclose personal information is different. LinkedIn users typically interact to build professional relationships with others in their field and therefore self-disclosing job titles in their profiles is a standard; not necessarily the case in the more prolific Facebook

The lack of job titles associate with Facebook profiles, coupled with LinkedIn’s more expensive, less reach paradigm leave B2B marketers looking to branch out into social in a quandary…

That is… until Facebook unleashed LinkedIn-type targeting under Behavior targeting!


Look familiar LinkedIn marketers? Now Facebook advertisers can target by industry (outside of industry targeting found under More Demographics), seniority, and company sizes by way of third party data provider, Datalogix. And you can’t fake that C-suite status.

But why stop there? The true power of Facebook targeting is the ability to combine and layer both personal and professional targeting attributes. Let’s explore some deadeye Interest and B2B targeting mash-ups.

Seniority PLUS Interest Targeting PLUS More

One of the most effective ways to reach senior level executives at companies is to couple seniority targeting with precise interests targeting which will then use the “and” operator.

For example, you’re Third Door Media looking to boost ticket sales for the upcoming SMX East conference. (Registered? Early bird rates end soon!)

Using the C-suite targeting, coupled with digital marketing interests we have a digital savvy C-suite crew at a whopping audience of 320,000 Facebook users.


Still too broad and big for our blood.

Let’s refine this a bit more – with office size and connection targeting. We’re after C-suite executives that wear many hats (they are the Marketing Directors) and are the decision makers sending their staff to the conference.


Now we’re sitting with a cozy 7,500 Facebook users who are in executive or C-suite roles, who work in a small office, and are interested in digital marketing, and have second-degree affiliation with SMX, Search Engine Land or Marketing Land.

The End of LinkedIn?

No. Facebook introducing B2B targeting was a clear shot at LinkedIn’s revenue, but it doesn’t mean this beloved B2B channel is going away. For us marketers, it’s the B2B Facebook targeting layers we’ve been waiting for, in a channel where users actually are, with an array of ad types we desire.

Happy targeting!

Get Psychographic Marketing for your business that (actually) CONVERTS via omni-platform tactics: aimClear Blog.

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