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Microsoft rolls out portfolio bid strategies and automated integration with Google Tag Manager

Portfolio bid strategies are now available globally, Microsoft Advertising announced on Tuesday. The platform’s automated integration with Google Tag Manager (GTM) is also now generally available.

Portfolio bid strategy management in Microsoft AdvertisingPortfolio bid strategy management in Microsoft Advertising
Portfolio bid strategy management in Microsoft Advertising. Image: Microsoft.

Portfolio bid strategies. This feature automatically adjusts bidding across multiple campaigns to balance under- and over-performing campaigns that share the same bidding strategy (like maximize conversions, target CPA, target impression share, etc).

To get started with portfolio bid strategies in Microsoft Advertising, navigate to Tools > Portfolio bid strategy. Then, select a bid strategy and include complimentary budgets. You can also use shared budgets with portfolio bid strategies to let your campaigns draw from a single budget.

Automated integration with GTM. Microsoft Advertising’s integration with Google Tag Manager enables you to automatically copy the setup used by your existing Google tags.

To do so, sign into Google and select the Google Tag Manager account and container via Microsoft Advertising online. Next, enable the permissions to update your setup and Microsoft Advertising will set up the UET tag with additional parameters.

Why we care. Portfolio bid strategies can help save time that might otherwise be spent manually adjusting bids. The automated GTM integration also helps you save time by copying over the Google tag setup you’re already using.

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