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Microsoft adCenter Temporarily Increases Bing Crawl Rates

The adCenter blog announced they will be temporarily increasing the standard crawl rate they use for detecting ad relevance on adCenter ads.

The increase will show a crawl rate of up to 20 to 30qps, which they say is “accepted standards for crawl rates.” Here is the full message from adCenter:

Along with our consistent efforts to increase relevance for your adCenter campaigns, we will be temporarily increasing the rate at which your sites will be crawled to 20 to 30qps. This is within the accepted standards for crawl rates, and is vital to continuing to provide the most relevant advertising experience possible. If you have any concerns with this increased rate, please contact your account management team as soon as possible.

I don’t think this means that Bing’s organic web crawler is increasing its crawl rate but rather only the adCenter relevancy crawler is increasing its rate. Also, they do not say how “temporary” this increase is.

Update: Microsoft sent me an update:

Just to be clear, this crawl rate increase is only applicable to the Microsoft AdCenter ad index crawler (adidxbot) and is crawling advertisers only. This does not apply to the Bing index crawler (msnbot). For more information on the Bing index crawler (msnbot), you can always visit our friends over in the Bing Community.

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