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Major Billing Improvements & Consolidated Billing Arrive On Bing Ads


One of the larger problem areas that advertisers have wrestled with in Bing Ads has been billing. This shouldn’t be such a struggle for advertisers, and after today, it won’t be: Bing Ads has announced major changes to the way that billing (and accounts) work on Bing Ads.

The new features arriving in your Bing Ads account are:

Consistent Account Navigation

A standard complaint about Bing Ads is that the navigation can be confusing, and performing even simple tasks like checking on account charges can be difficult. Navigation

The new changes will keep a consistent navigation on every Accounts & Billing tab, so users can toggle between a specific account and their full campaign.

Toggleable Prepay & Postpay Options

Unlike Google, Bing still offers helpful payment options like prepay and postpay. Now, agencies that are managing clients won’t be stuck making a choice that they’ll have to live with in perpetuity.

Agencies will have the ability to switch their billing to the format that works best for them.

Bulk IOs

Bing Ads will now support the creation and management of bulk insertion orders across all accounts. The service that was launched last summer allows for the creation of an insertion order with the capabilities for instant approvals, editing of existing IOs and an IO change history. All of this can now be completed in bulk across all accounts.

Consolidated Billing

Last but not least is the option for consolidated billing. Only want one monthly invoice? Still want all campaign data broken down, however? Agencies will have the option to choose consolidated billing:


And they can also see a full summary by account and campaign level charges directly on the invoice:

This is absolutely great news for all Paid Search marketers. For more information and the official release, head on over to the Bing Ads blog.

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