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Live Blog: @bpglobalpr On "When Twitter Trashes Your Brand"

I’m at TWTRCON today, where “Terry” — AKA “Leroy Stick” — the mystery man behind the wonderfully entertainly parody @bpglobalpr account is speaking. Will we learn his real identity?

I’m not expecting this. CBS News had a video interview with him where his identity was kept hidden. That was also true of his statement to the media and world in general that came out earlier this month (a fantastic read).

So is he really turning up and revealing himself here? I doubt it. But we’ll see shortly!

And here his is, wearing some type of mask and using a voice changer device that sucks almost as bad as BP.

“We all understand by being here we’ve agreed to a non disclosure agreement.” Heh.

I feel right at home here. Like my office where a lot of people who have made up a lot of job titles.

“The first thing you need to do to get big on Twitter is to destroy the Gulf Of Mexico.”

Voice changer now turned off.

Here are examples of what peopel are saying. BP won’t let people wear respirators. Well, here’s a cat wearing a wig. (he made a joke earlier this is all BP is trying to do, show cats wearing wigs as a distraction).

People say there’s a bird in oil. Here’s a picture of a cat wearing a wig.

People say BP is pouring even more toxic waste into the gulf. Here’s a sassy cat wearing a wig (he showing pictures).

You’ve got to connect with people. In conclusion, in order to be good at Twitter, I have no idea. Here’s a cat wearing a wig.

Questions, after joke about him spilling water on the stage accidentally. “I’ll clean that up.”

Advice for marketers? “Choose your facts. Make sure you focus your attention at a villian.” Like Britain. Or the fisherman. Or the photographers. Why do we have to focus on the negative. There are rainbows every day in this world. And of course the animals, for going in the damn oil in the first place.

[I wish he weren’t staying in character and actually speaking as he did as the statement he gave to the media].

Question: Have you been contacted by BP to shut down his account.

I don’t know who you are referring to as the real BP.  He says fake accounts haven’t contacted him directly.

Question asking him to break character and speak to authenticity as being important.

The whole thing is based off of inauthenticity, isn’t it. Obama comes down and we have pictures and that’s just to keep our mind off of things while we buy time.

If we told the truth about what we’re doing, people would hate us.

Question about the “Leroy Stick” blog post, the statement I mentioned above. “Yeah, I’m familiar with his work.” Question — why do you think you can control your brand. “We’re just trying to do our best.”

[if this is all confusing, hey, try being in the audience and figuring out. it ain’t that much clearer here].

What’s BP plans to f-up the world next.

“We just got new contract from the MMS for 13 new wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Some of them are deeper than the one we just messed up. We sent them an intense cocaine and whores gift basket.”

What’s next for the Gulf? Once we plug up that leak, we can’t leet the conversation. If we can’t clean up, that doesn’t mean BP can’t drill. We don’t want this to turn into any hippie greenie push for renewable energy. And please, no more regulation. Let the MMS and I stay in bed together.

His background? I’m just a PR guy. A lot of people think this Twitter stuff is hard to figure out. There’s a guy who just relays what his dad talks about. It’s not rocket science. Have an idea and be funny.

And that’s it.

Postscript: @bpterry / @bpglobalpr has now posted the text of his speech.

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