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Judge Grants Google's & AOL's Motion To Dismiss Paul Allen Lawsuit

A district court judge in Seattle has granted motions filed by Google and AOL to dismiss a Paul Allen patent infringement lawsuit against those two companies (and others).

Judge Marsha Pechman agreed with both Google and AOL, who said that Allen’s lawsuit was too vague. Allen’s patent infringement complaint “failed to identify the infringing products or devices with any specificity,” Pechman wrote in her ruling. You can read the full decision on Groklaw.

Allen has until December 28th to refile the case.

He first filed the lawsuit in late August, accusing 11 companies — including Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Facebook — of infringing on technology developed a decade ago by Interval Research Corp., a technology lab that Allen owned between 1992 and 2000.

There’s more discussion on Techmeme.

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