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John Lennon's 70th Birthday Google Logo, Powered By YouTube

Google has begun to roll out a special Google logo for John Lennon’s 70th birthday. You can see the logo on most Google properties where it has turned to October 9th already. Plus you can now see it on Google UK.

What is unique about this Google Doodle / Logo is that it is powered by a YouTube video, the first time Google’s run a logo that is also a video. When you click on the introductory logo, it begins to play a YouTube video and then after the short video, it takes you to a search result for [John Lennon].

I captured a screen cast of the process:

Here is the introductory logo:

John Lennon Google Doodle

Here is the actual video that plays on the Google home page:

For some background on other “first” in Google logos, see our article, Those Special Google Logos, Sliced & Diced, Over The Years.

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