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Apple iPhone 4.0 Drops "Google" Search Button

On Thursday, Apple announced the new software update for the iPhone, iPhone 4.0 OS. Apple junkies, including myself, have been digging into the new OS and SDK (software development kit) and one of us found that Apple removed the “Google” search button and renamed it “Search.”

Some take this move as a bigger sign of the continued hatred between the two companies. Although, recently the two CEOs were seen during a healing coffee talk in a California coffee shop.

There were also rumors that Bing might replace Google as the default search provider on the iPhone. Plus, Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, did not hide the fact he was upset Google snatched AdMob from them.

Here are before and after shots:

iPhone 3.X:

"Google" Gone in iPhone 4.0

iPhone 4.X:

"Google" Gone in iPhone 4.0

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