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Infographic: The Top Three US Search Engines

How big is Google compared to competitors Bing and Yahoo — and can they catch it? One metric is the number of searches each search engine handles in a given month.

Search Engine Journal created a nice infographic charting these figures over the past few years. It highlights Bing’s climb, mostly at Yahoo’s expense:

Want the infographic for yourself? You’ll find it here: Comparison Of The Top Three Search Engines: Bing+Yahoo > Google?

Remember, it’s possible for a search engine to see its share of searches drop while the actual number of searches — the search volume — rises. Also, month-to-month changes are often mean little. You want to see a trend emerge over time.

That’s why the big “Bing may just come out on top” quote on the chart — from this Mashable article┬álast April — should be ignored. Mashable assumed continued Bing growth and Google losses for one particular month, projecting that Bing would overtake Google in January 2012. That’s nowhere near happening.

These articles from us goes into depth about search volume issues, and the need to consider trends with care.

The second one, in particular, explains how when you understand the issue of search volume versus search share, it would take Bing five years to match Google’s volume, and that was assuming Google didn’t keep growing.

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