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Infographic: How, When & Where People Share Content

Today being Wednesday, the odds are better than any other day you’ll share this post with someone else. Or so say the stats from social sharing service AddThis, one of several it compiled into an infographic.

Other interesting stats?

  • People tend to share the most around 9:30 Eastern Time (so we cunningly timed this post for just before that peak moment),
  • 75% of clicks on a share will happen within the first day that the content is shared
  • Most users click within 2 minutes of a share
  • Copy-and-paste to share can be used up to 10 times more than those social sharing buttons out there

More from the infographic:

Want the infographic for yourself? It was posted last month to the AddThis blog, as part of its five year birthday celebration: Happy Birthday AddThis!

The full-size files were provided through the Clearspring Flickr account here (Clearspring owns AddThis).

Most Shared In 2011

AddThis also told us that among the most shared content in 2011 from its tracking were:

  • MoveOn’s campaign to get people to all share a status update pushing against big companies and Wall Street greed
  • A photo of a dog lying next to the casket of a US Navy Seal who was killed in Afghanistan

Social Sharing “Half-Life” & More Information

If those stats about how short-term sharing seems to be got you thinking, that’s beginning to be referred to as the “half-life” of a share, and we have some past articles with further information:

Social sharing will also be a big part of Search Engine Land’s upcoming SMX Social Media Marketing conference next month in Arizona, so be sure to check out the full agenda of our event.

Also consider subscribing to our free column related to social media, Search & Social, and see some of the resources we list on our What Is Social Media Marketing page.

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