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How To Navigate Google's New AdWords Reports And Avoid Losing Valuable Data

Google has made dramatic changes to their AdWords reporting infrastructure. The old reporting system is being retired, and users are being forced to pull reports from the interface. This change has left many unable to find their reports, or know how to extract data from AdWords.

In this post, I’ll walk through how to pull the data from the new interface in a video format so you can see exactly how to find your reports, and download valuable reporting data.

AdWords Reporting Walkthrough

Here’s the video showing the new Google AdWords interface. Spend 11 minutes with this and you will likely save hours and avoid untold frustration trying to find your way around the new interface.


Most of your previous data is still available if you know where to look. Some of it is in a new format, or requires you to combine reports to view the data that was previously available. Please see Josh Dreller’s column to learn more about vLookup so you can combine multiple reports together.

As 90% of the data you need is contained in only 6 reports, you do not need to create and save hundreds of reports to find your data. You only need to save a handful of reports to access most of the data you need to make optimization decisions.

The trick is understanding where to look to find this valuable data. Now that you have seen the video, you now know exactly where to look to find this essential information so that you can continue to analyze and improve your AdWords account.

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