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How To Get Around Google Local's 7-Pack Without Breaking A Sweat

Damn that Google! Just when you figure out how to rank for a great keyword, Google decides that keyword has strong “local intent” and pops up a 7-pack of local business listings at the top of the SERP. And if you are not one of those seven businesses, you are indeed screwed.

There are plenty of blogging SEOs out there who can tell you how to get ranked in the 7-pack, and you should definitely try, but while you’re waiting for that strategy to kick in, how about we work on some relatively easier ways to get around the damn thing?

And Now For Some Breaking News…

Ok, selling electrician services isn’t exactly news, but Google doesn’t seem to care. This Seattle electrician (or more likely their SEO consultant) put up an article on OnlinePRNews.com called “Electrician In Seattle Helps People Who Urgently Need Their Services By Hiring Local SEO Company.” And surprise, surprise it shows up on page one of Google as a News result for queries for “seattle electrician,” “electrician in seattle,” etc.?

Now because today’s headline is tomorrow’s wrapping for dead fish, this link will eventually drop from the SERP, but don’t worry about it, because just like the rest of the media, when you run out of news, just manufacture more.

Video Killed The SEO Star

Make a video. There are plenty of cheap services to help you do this out there. Upload your video to YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe and other big video sites. Make sure the title and description of the video contain your target keywords. Link to the videos with targeted anchor text. Submit a video sitemap to Google. Next thing you know your video is showing up as an eye-catching link in the SERPs (and maybe you get a call from a talent agent).

Links Can Show Up In The Strangest Places (Google Places That Is)

You know those businesses down the street that lucked out and got ranked in the 7 pack? Add a page to your site for each of them. Include their name, address and phone number. Maybe write a little review (unbiased of course). Submit these URLs to Google Base. Next thing you know you might pop up on each one of their Google Place Pages, with a link to your site. Make sure each of these URLs has a way to draw a visitor to other pages to find out more about your services. Hey, hate the game, not the player.

You Like Me, You Really, Really Like Me

Well not really. But did you know that if someone clicks on a Facebook Like button off of your site, that URL is now indexed in Facebook’s search engine? It’s pretty easy to drop a Like button on every page of your site. Once you do that start clicking.

Now I know what you’re thinking—people don’t search Facebook looking for services right? Wrong:

There are plenty more simple tactics like these that can help supplement your main marketing strategy. Disclaimer: Actual mileage may vary. If your Google Places page gets suspended for more than four hours, call your SEO consultant. Void in Nebraska.

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.

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