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How To Dress Like An SEO For Halloween: Ladies Edition

Last week, Conrad Saam gave us the complete rundown on How To Dress Like An SEO For Halloween. Or, at least he did if you had your heart set on dressing like one of your favorite SEO Men, with a couple of exceptions. If you want to pay homage to one of your favorite SEO ladies during this spookiest of holidays, then Conrad kind of left you hanging (it’s not his fault, he’s a dude.) But have no fear, I am here to offer some tips on how to dress like SEO’s fairer sex – the coveted SEO Lady.


Though the men are stuffed into dark vans for a head shaving the moment they reach SEO maturity, SEO Ladies are encouraged to show off their locks. From brunette, to blond, to gingers, to even more unnatural colors, SEO Ladies are identified by their talent, not their hair. So, whatever your color, shape or style – it’s okay to rock it this Halloween season.

Rhea Drysdale


While the boys hover around their iPhones and light saber apps, SEO gals prefer function over flash (the engines prefer it, as well.) Whether they’re hanging out at the bar for a nighttime networking session or they’re rocking their star power up on stage, some women of SEO are Blackberry geeks to the core, with their beloved device never too far out of reach. Even if that means we sometimes ignore each other for our phones.

Rae Hoffman


Next to an SEO Lady’s Blackberry, her laptop is her most prized possession. It goes with her everywhere, as does her extra battery, power source and various extension cords. And and don’t forget the stickers, like the ones seen here on Tamar Weinberg’s laptop.

Tamar Weinberg's laptop


SEO Ladies are known as forces to be reckoned with, so you’ll often find them with a microphone in their hand. Whether they’re performing a site review, breaking down some aspect of technical SEO or helping Internet marketing followers stay up to date on the latest social craze, the microphone ensures they’re always outspoken and always heard.

Vanessa Fox


A staple of both men and women in the SEO industry, jeans allow SEOs to remain comfortable at all times, while also reinforcing to the rest of the world that they wish they had a job with as much freedom as ours. While the rest of the business world is forced to don stuffy suits and outfits they can’t breathe in, we opt for individuality and versatility. After all, you never know when a game of pool will break out.

Dawn Wentzell and Brent D Payne

Industry Shirts That Actually Fit

Goodbye generic XL conference shirts that only came in handy at bedtime. Today, we opt for swag that not only supports the brands we love, but comes in sizes that actually fit us.

Rebecca Kelley


Though our phones aren’t flashy, our choice of kicks always are. Whether it’s a pair of perfectly broken in cowboy boots, 5-inch killer stilettos or some brightly-colored tennis shoes, our feet always stand out and get noticed in a crowd.

Joanna Lord

Creepy Male Friend

SEO Ladies are often swarmed at conferences and attract a gaggle of male fans who follow us around and attempt lines of wit. We thank them for trying and for their loyalty.

Michael Streko

Her Girls

An SEO Lady is nothing without her girls. While blog posts still try and portray SEO as being a “boys club”. We know the truth. The women of SEO are counted, heard and include some of the greatest people and minds around. We celebrate one another by hanging out in packs and sharing laughs with our other female comrades.

SEO Ladies

There you have it. The absolute essentials you’ll need to rock your Halloween look as an SEO Female. Happy haunting and, as always, be on the lookout for trolls, robots and spammers trying to determine any mischievous intent.

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.

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