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How to build trust and value privacy with a consent management platform

Regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA and frameworks such as IAB TCF have dramatically changed the digital privacy landscape — for the better. They set the standard for providing transparency and choices for how data is used and shared with third parties.

Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned with protecting their personal data. At the same time, they demand more personalized experiences. This creates a challenge for marketers, advertisers, and publishers to respect customers’ privacy while also capturing consent, driving opt-ins, and delivering compelling user experiences. The solution for companies to bring privacy and personalization together through transparency, choice, and trust? A consent management platform.

Right now, companies have an opportunity to embrace the new norm the digital privacy transformation has ushered in and, by doing so, give themselves a competitive edge. In fact, 70% of customers say trusting a brand is more important now than ever before. And this shows — for every dollar spent on consent and preference management, businesses see an average 40x return on investment.

When it comes to keeping up to date on global compliance, the most effective solution is to implement a consent management platform (CMP) to maintain your compliance coverage and reduce risk across all your websites, mobile applications, or even CTV applications. But beyond that, it’s important to understand how a consent management strategy helps companies build customer trust, comply with global privacy regulations and meet business goals.

With the right consent management platform, you can capture and manage consent on web, mobile, and CTV applications; uncover hidden trackers and cookies on websites; configure branded banners using unique consent approaches based on location; and measure and optimize consent rates for maximum opt-ins. In short, a CMP can support you to operationalize compliance while building customer trust and meeting your business goals.

In this e-book, you’ll learn about important regulatory requirements, the role the tech industry plays in consent management, and best practices for setting up and leveraging a consent management platform.

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