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How Much SEO Does A Brand Manager Need To Know?

If you are a Brand Manager, or you work in a similar discipline – how much do you really need to know about SEO? You may hear the term “SEO” and immediately think about the tactics and technical mumbo jumbo, right? But – what if I were to tell you that SEO can play a majorrole in your digital marketing strategy and can help extend your brand’s reach?

Still skeptical? Think about it this way – search is not a strategy. Contentis a strategy that search plays a major role in.

Companies spend millions in offline advertising and then fail to bridge the gap between the demand they generate for their products through gorgeous TV and print campaigns, and the quest of their customers to find more information online after having been exposed to those campaigns.

As a Brand Manager, are you aligning search strategies with your other Marketing initiatives? Odds are, you’re already “doing search,” you just don’t know it yet, but you may not be doing it as effectively as you can. With a lot of Enterprise companies, the focus seems to be on creating Social Media content that gives the consumer an opportunity to engage. But if you’re not creating that content based on what people are already telling you they want (via search), you’re missing the point.

Search is really about making sure that all of your digital assets are created in a way where they have an opportunity to dominate the Search Results page for business critical terms – pushing your competition out of the picture. You can also provide insight that answers questions such as:

  • What are people saying about our brand and our competitors?
  • What specific terms and categories are my consumers interested in?
  • How can I use this information to make a better web experience?

So, the next time there’s a conversation about SEO and social media content– consider these points that may help you develop your overall Digital Marketing Strategy.

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.

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