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How 5 agencies delivered incredible results for their clients

Since 2011, CallRail has helped agencies optimize their marketing spend and prove ROI to their clients. In order to continue to evolve and serve the needs of agencies, we pour a great deal of effort into speaking with real CallRail customers. By connecting with the people who use our service, we’re doing more than just conducting research around UX preferences or market sentiment. With our case studies, we get to learn exactly how our software is making an impact on the bottom line — both for our users and their clients.

Here are some of our favorite agency ROI case studies and explore how they used CallRail to deliver amazing results for their clients.

WebServ helps one client divert 43% in wasted ad spend with call tracking

When it comes to generating qualified leads, the last thing any client wants is to waste money on non-converting search terms that could be better put to use elsewhere. That’s the problem California-based digital marketing agency WebServ faced with one particular client.

Despite the fact that their client’s PPC campaign had a high conversion rate, the calls generated were not translating into new business. So WebServ immediately implemented CallRail to identify the problem.

Through dynamic number insertion, visitor level tracking, and reviewing their client’s call recordings, WebServ was able to parse out which keywords were generating low- and high-quality leads.

The agency was then able to identify and reallocate 43% of their wasted ad spend to more profitable search terms, thereby improving their PPC campaign’s performance.

“Wasted spend is a huge problem when we bring on a client. By using visitor tracking and effective campaign structure, we’re able to significantly improve ad performance,” WebServe COO Preston Powell remarked.

Call tracking helps SalesX cut client’s CPL by 90%

The folks at SalesX, a Bay-area agency, are some of the best when it comes to digital marketing.

As an early evangelist of Google Ads (they even hired one of its creators to sit on their board), they’ve developed an impressive track record when it comes to using digital marketing best practices to boost a client’s business.

However, SalesX found that some of their clients were a little more old-school. They don’t rely exclusively on digital channels to drive revenue. For these clients, calls are a mission-critical channel.

“For us, call tracking was a critical part of our mission because we want to be able to accurately track all sources of contact for our clients,” said SalesX Founder and CEO Joe Khoei. “And we found that for most of our clients, they were tracking form submissions and web sessions and everything else, but not calls.”

In the case of one client, the top-to-bottom application of call tracking helped deliver some seriously eye-popping results: A cost per lead reduction of more than 90%, coupled with a 35% boost to their conversion rate!

With results like that, SalesX’s clients can be confident that they’re earning amazing ROI — both on the money they’re spending on ads and what they’re spending to be a SalesX client.

NYC SEM proves 800% ROI for client thanks to call tracking

NYC SEM is a New York City-based digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine marketing. The agency knew they were delivering impressive ROI for their clients, but they had difficulty proving that new business was directly tied to the campaigns they were running.

By implementing CallRail for one of their clients, they were able to immediately prove that their relatively modest ad spend of around $1,000 was bringing in tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for their client. How much? Anywhere between 500 to 800% ROI on their ad spend in a given month.

“I could immediately see that all the sales for these products were happening over the phone, and I would never have been able to measure this through web conversions,” explained NYC SEM Marketing Director Darren Carter.

Wonderist boosts client’s monthly revenue by over 500%

Dentistry — like other medical businesses — is a specialized field where calls are crucial. Prospective patients rightfully want to speak to a real human before they commit to putting their health and welfare in your hands, so phone calls are a primary channel when it comes to earning new leads and drumming up business.

Most dental offices take a piecemeal approach to marketing. They hire one firm for digital ad buys, another for web design, another for direct mailers, and so on.

Wonderist, a San Diego-based dental marketing agency, understood that they could deliver both real value and cost savings to clients by centralizing all of these operations under a single roof, with call tracking as one of the central pillars of their marketing efforts.

And their results speak for themselves. By putting CallRail to work for one Pittsburgh-based client, they saw a 530% increase in monthly appointments year-over-year, along with a comparable increase in revenue — without requiring a huge increase to their marketing budget.

“Most importantly for us as an agency, the data from CallRail meant we didn’t have to sit on our hands and say, ‘Gee, I sure hope we were part of helping him drive all those new patients,’” explained Wonderist Co-founder Michael Anderson. “We can bring that call tracking data to our client and demonstrate the direct role our advertising had in their success.”

FreeGren proves client ROI and increases leads and conversions by 40%

Client retention is one of the thorniest problems any digital marketing agency will face. At the Bellevue, Washington-based marketing agency FreeGren, they knew they needed a different approach to differentiate their business from the crowd.

So they adopted a forward-thinking strategy. Instead of focusing exclusively on big payouts from enterprise-grade clients, they would instead prioritize relationships with small-to-medium-sized clients — especially those in markets with a high average transaction value.

In one memorable case, they knew that they were delivering great results for the client, but an absence of comprehensive analytics meant that the client wasn’t totally sold on the value of FreeGren’s services.

But after a top-to-bottom implementation of CallRail into the client’s marketing stack, FreeGren was able to conclusively show how their campaigns for the client had directly resulted in a 40% increase in leads and conversions (all in the space of only three months!).

And by delivering such excellent results and providing total data transparency along the way, FreeGren is boosting their own bottom line — they almost never lose a client to churn.

Driving agency growth with call tracking

While there may not be a magic bullet, one-size-fits-all solution for proving and improving agency ROI, these examples illustrate how using call tracking and analytics can make a serious difference — both for your agency and your clients.

Not only can tapping into a call tracking platform help you build and sell more profitable services, it can also help you retain and attract customers more effectively. Here’s a look at how one SEO firm doubled its monthly client intake with call tracking without increasing the budget.

We’re constantly developing innovative new tools to make life easier for agency users, like our Account Center, which makes it even easier for agencies to manage multiple clients at once.

Interested in joining the group of agencies winning with CallRail? Take a look at our Agency Partner Program. It’s not just free. It pays.

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