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Google's Valentine's Day Logo By Robert Indiana

Google is featuring their Valentine’s Day logo, designed by Robert Indiana. Robert Indiana designed the 8 cent love stamp back in 1973. Google decided to use that design towards the 2011 version of their Google Doodle for Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine's Day from Google & Robert Indiana

The logo is not a typical standard “doodle”-like version of their logo. Typically, the letters of Google are done across one line. Here, being that the love stamp was two lines, LO-VE, Google designed to make their logo two lines, GOO-GLE. Here is a picture of the famous U.S. post office love stamp:


Google’s Marissa Mayer tweeted about the logo this morning saying, “Robert Indiana for our Valentine’s Day doodle! http://www.google.com”.

Google isn’t the only one with special Valentine’s Day logos. As I noted on the Search Engine Roundtable, search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com and others have special logos today as well.

So do you like Google’s Valentine’s Day logo?

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