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Google's Top Paid Bonuses For Executives Of 2011

Business Insider reports on a recent Google SEC filing showing the top bonuses paid to Google executives in early 2011. The top bonuses do not list Google’s co-founders or current CEO, but here is what they do list.

  • Nikesh Arora, chief business officer: $20 million in stock and $2.7 million cash.
  • Patrick Pichette, CFO: $15 million in stock, $2.7 million cash.
  • Alan Eustace, senior VP of engineering and research: $10 million stock, $1.8 million cash.
  • Jonathan Rosenberg, senior VP of product management: $5 million stock, $1.8 million cash.

The maximum allowed for a cash bonus for 2010 was $5 million. Google published these cash and stock bonuses on March 7, 2011.

Here is a screen shot of the filing:

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