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Google Does Thanksgiving Logo Early, First Ever One Sharable On Google+

Like last year, Google has launched their Thanksgiving logo a bit before the Thanksgiving holiday.

The 2011 Thanksgiving Doodle is live for all U.S. web visitors on Google.com has of around 3pm EDT.

The logo is interactive, letting you click on the head, feathers and feet, in order to change the colors and styles of the feather, as well as the accessories on the turkey.

Furthermore, the logo is one of the first to have built in Google + sharing option directly in the logo. You can share on Google + with the “G+” button and link to it using the Google URL shortener on the “link” button. Any customization you do to the turkey will be shared for others to see.

Here is a video demo of the logo in action, go ahead and click on the wing:

Postscript: Google has just blogged about the logo, saying this is about dressing up the turkey for the holidays and sharing it with friends and family. They wrote:

Whether you want to customize the headpiece, feet or individual feathers—or just prefer a random surprise by pulling on the turkey’s wing—there are many ways to show off your creativity. We can’t stick your creations on our fridge, but thanks to a collaborative effort between our engineers and artists, you’ll be able to share your turkeys via Google+ or a shortened URL. This way all your friends and family, wherever they may be, can see your festive creation.

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