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Google's New China Plan: Target Display Advertisers, Report Says

Despite its ongoing struggles in China, Google reportedly has a new plan for its business there: targeting display advertising, particularly amongst the growing export industry. That’s according to a Reuters report, which lays out Google’s new focus this way:

Under the new game plan, Google is targeting Chinese firms to advertise on its dominant overseas search market, a business which already constitutes about half of its China revenues, according to Harrington.

Google is betting that rapidly-growing Chinese exporters, keen to reach out to overseas customers, will make use of the company’s global reach through its international search sites.

A Google spokesperson told Reuters that the company plans to add sales people to its China-based staff this year.

It was one year and a day ago that Google announced it would stop censoring search results in China. That began an ongoing series of moves that allowed Google some level of activity in the country, but its organic and paid search market share declined.

As we reported earlier today, China is one of five countries where Google isn’t the market leading search engine.

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