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Google's Marissa Mayer Checks In To New Location & Local Role Within Company

Bloomberg reports Google’s popular Marissa Mayer, VP of search products, is switching roles and moving into location and local services.

Marissa is responsible for what you see today at Google.com. She is responsible for pretty much all the user interfaces tested, deployed and torn down on Google’s various search products, including the most recent Google Instant launch.

Bloomberg said a source told them she is now moving into the location and local services, signaling that is an extremely important area in Google’s future. The source also told Bloomberg that Marissa is now part of Google’s operating committee, the company’s senior most management group.

Google told Bloomberg, “Marissa has made an amazing contribution on search over the last decade, and we’re excited about her input in this new area in the decade ahead.”

Taking over Marissa’s role as VP of search products is Udi Manber, vice president of engineering for Web search. His title will remain the same and not take on Marissa’s old title.

For more coverage on this announcement, see Techmeme.

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