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Google's Content Farm Algorithm Not Live Yet

Google Scraper AlgoLast Friday, I reported that Google has launched a new content based algorithm to improve their search quality. I made an assumption that this was related to the content farms algorithm being live, but I was wrong to make that assumption. After we spoke with Matt Cutts today, we learned that the new algorithm that went live last week is related to blocking low quality content scraper sites and not content farms.

When will Google’s “content farm” algorithm be released? We do not know. But unlike Blekko, who banned content farms today, Google will be taking a more algorithmic approach to reducing the number of content farms in their search results. Exactly what that means is not so clear. Will Google drop ehow.com and the same sites that Blekko manually removed with a new automated algorithm? I am not sure. It all depends on how Google classifies a content farm and if those sites fall within those classifications. Time will tell.

I apologize for the inaccuracies in my original post. It is important to set the record straight that Google did not take any action, algorithmically, against content farms to-date.

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