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Google's Brand Gets Thumbs Up; Google Buzz Not So Much

Two conflicting looks at Google earlier today that we’ll pass along, starting with the good news for all inside the Googleplex.

Google ranked number one on the Most Valuable Global Brand on the BrandZ Top 100 list, with a “brand value” of $114 billion. That’s a 14% increase over 2009 for Google. (Microsoft was fourth on the list.)

On the other hand, Google Buzz took a shot today from TIME magazine — it made the magazine’s list of Least Influential People of 2010 — a list that includes actress Rue McLanahan, the now-defunct Gourmet magazine, and the president of the U.S. Metric Association. Ouch. Says Joel Stein about Google Buzz:

Remember when Gmail invited you — just you! — to join Google Buzz, where you could connect all your social networks with your e-mail? Or maybe it was something totally different. All I know is that I already had more things that did that crap than I wanted.

Double ouch.

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