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Google updates AdSense Policy center look, adds new feature updates for advertisers

Google introduced their Policy center for Ad Manager, AdMob and AdSense to ensure that Ad Managers had a comprehensive view of potential violations that would prevent their ads from displaying to searchers. The Policy center also ensured that publishers were able to keep as much of their inventory compliant with Google Ads policies. Along with an updated interface, Shreyas Deshmukh, Product Manager at Google Ads, said new features are available for users of the product.

Account health summary updated. The improved account health summary gives a zoomed-out view of the total number of sites and/or apps with issues. The health summary also shows a red highlighted section for issues that are categorized as must fix. “This can help publishers better prioritize the issues that require their attention. The account health summary also shows the impact on ads serving for any given page where ads have been disabled or restricted,” said Deshmukh.

Source: Google AdSense

More filtering options. “Publishers can now filter the tables using single or multiple columns, such as all issues reported on a given date that are a ‘Must fix.’ A list of issues can also be downloaded as a CSV file for a filtered view,” added Deshmukh. The new filtering and search systems make sure Ad Managers can highlight specific or high-priority issues in order to focus on what matters most to their accounts at that time.

Comprehensive view of issues across ad inventory. Along with the ability to look at overall ad health and sort by specific issues, there is a new table view so “Ad Manager publishers have a more comprehensive view of issues across their inventory.” The new table now includes an aggregate column “Ad requests – last 7 days” so publishers can determine the impact that violations have on their accounts.

Source: Google AdSense

Why we care. The announcement also indicates that upcoming features include “enabling screenshots of issues in the Policy center. This will help you pinpoint exactly where the issue is, and give you the context to fix it quickly.” Along with an easier-to-use interface, these sorting and updated view features will give publishers better insight into issues that are holding up their accounts and the tools to fix them quickly.

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