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Google Notifying Searchers In EU That They Use Cookies

If you search for anything at Google UK or on any of the 27 localized versions of Google in the European Union, Google will now prompt you with a notification that they are using cookies to provide search results to you. In fact, Google says that by using Google search you are agreeing to allow Google to place cookies on your computer.

Here is the prompt you will see when searching on Google UK:


Clicking on the “learn more” link takes you to this page where Google explains what cookies are and how they may use them. Google also shares a video which you can watch that explains this, as well. Google says they use cookies to “remember your safe search preferences, to make the ads that you see more relevant to you, to count how many visitors we receive to a page, to help you sign up for our services and to protect your data.”

Here is the video:

This seems to be in reaction to European Unions cookie law. Although I am a bit surprised to see this just happening now.

Google has confirmed this is being rolled out widely for localized versions of Google in the European Union. You will see this message both on Google’s home page, in the search results (as the picture shows above) and on YouTube for about 27 different localized versions of Google and YouTube. Google has sent us the following statement.

Our top priority is to protect our users’ privacy and security, and to give them easy ways to control their information when they use our services. This is simply part of that effort.

Hat tip to @chrisains for spotting this early.

For more on the EU’s cookie law, see our stories named:

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