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Google tool for reporting domain verification and user management issues with Search Console

Google Search Console is piloting a new method to contact Google for support related to Google Search Console. Google opened up previously a method to contact Google about indexing issues. This new tool is to contact Google about domain verification and user management issues with Google Search Console, the company said on Twitter.

New tool. Google said “Earlier this year, we expanded our program for site owners to report urgent bugs or other issues related to indexing. That program has been working well, so we’re expanding it to handle domain verification and user management issues for Search Console.”

Report verification issues. You can now report verification issues in the Google Search Console help docs over here. If all your debugging fails, scroll to the bottom of that help document and click on “report verification issue.”

Report user management issues. You can also report user management issues in a different Google Search Console help doc, over here. If you are having issues with user management in Search Console and you cannot figure it out, click on the “report user management issues” button.

Pilot release. You may not see this feature in the help documents yet. Google said this feature is “currently piloting this in the US only and it should be fully available to all in the US within a week or less.” Plus this is only supported for English now. Google said the company will “reassess the usefulness of a support expansion in this direction in a few weeks.”

Why we care. For some, verifying your domain name and gaining access to Google Search Console can be an issue. These new contact methods will give those having issues more methods to verify and gain access to their sites in Google Search Console. And access to Google Search Console unlocks a ton of useful information, reporting, and debugging for site owners.

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