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Google tests showing Analytics data in Search Console with 'Insights'

Google is testing a new feature in Google Search Console called Google Search Console Insights. It gives Search Console users deeper reporting into the performance of the site and its pages, including page views, average time on page, referring sites information and more from Google Analytics.

Google Search Console Insights. Google has not officially announced anything about Google Search Console Insights, but Search Engine Land has obtained information on this new feature from various sources. Users can get Google Analytics data right in Search Console, including:

  • Pages views overall.
  • Page views of individual pages.
  • Average time spend on the site overall.
  • Average time spend on individual pages.
  • Traffic to your site from organic search versus social versus direct traffic.
  • Top referring links from other web sites.
  • Newest referring links from other web sites.
  • Social media traffic broken down by each site, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • and more.

Google Analytics integration. While we have had a way to see our Search Console data in Google Analytics for almost a decade since 2011. We have not been able to see any Google Analytics data within Search Console. This changes that and brings in data from Google Analytics directly into your Google Search Console reports.

Google Search Console reports tell you what your visitors see about your site from Google Search. To see what happens once a user hits your site, you’ve had to navigate to Google Analytics. This new Google Search Console Insights reporting changes that.

We have reached out to Google for comment and have not received a response. But last week, as we mentioned in our newsletter, Google began asking some Search Console users to approve an integration between Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Why we care. Having certain Google Analytics data in Search Console can offer a big convenience and also help you see your data in new ways.

This is a beta release, so most do not have access yet. And as with any test, there is a chance this feature never fully launches. Time will tell.

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