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Google Tests New Drop Down Navigation Bar From Google + Logo

Google Operating System reports a finding by guao.hk where Google is testing a new top bar navigation bar that may replace the navigation bar we have today.

As you can see, there is a little arrow down mark on the right of the Google + logo. Clicking on it drops down this black bar with the various Google logos.

What you cannot see in this image, but in the images shared by guao.hk is the new sharing section of the bar on the top right.

I am not sure if this interface is a test just for the Google + design or for the global Google top bar. I guess time will tell.

I would think many users wouldn’t notice that little down arrow and miss the other navigation and services options offered by Google.

Postscript: Within 24 hours after posting this, Google is testing yet another new design and it was reported by Google Operating System again. Here is a picture:

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