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Google tests displaying cost estimates in local search results

A Google spokesperson confirmed with Search Engine Land the company is testing displaying cost estimated directly in the local panel in the search results. This information comes through a partnership with Homewyse, a fact-based, independent reference for home product, installation and service estimates.

What this looks like. Google displays an estimated range of the cost to have certain jobs done in your local area for your home. The example below shows the estimated cost to repair a roof in Hackensack, New Jersey. Anubhav posted a screenshot of this on Twitter for us to use:

The outlined portion above is from Homewyse

Google’s statement. “We strive to surface relevant information that helps people make decisions. As part of that, we’re running an experiment with Homewyse to surface local cost estimates in local results when users search for select types of home services on Google,” a Google Spokesperson told us.

Not ads. These are not through any form of Google Ads service or form of Google Guaranteed or Google Local Service Ads, as I initially thought. These are organic listings and not paid search answers.

Why we care. If you or your clients offer local repair services, such a roofing repairs, you may want to see that your price estimates fit within the range of what is displayed in these Google search results. To me, in the Hackensack, NJ area, these estimates seem incredibly low and I do wonder if a roofing company can actually deliver the services necessary for the prices displayed in these Google search results. If not, the customer on the other end of the call may not be happy, which may lead to a negative review even if they do not hire your company.

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