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Google testing questions and answers in the Google Maps interface

Google is testing displaying the questions and answers feature in the Google Maps interface that it initially launched in 2017 for local panels in Google Search. Now some are able to see the questions and answers box in Google Maps local listings for businesses, although I cannot personally replicate this.

What it looks like. Allie Margeson posted a screenshot of this on Twitter:

Previously. Google only launched this officially in desktop search, on mobile search, or on Android Google Maps. This was not available in the Google Maps interface on desktop. Here is what it looks like in on desktop search:

Why we care. It is important for any business to keep tabs on the questions and answers section in the local listings because anyone can ask any question and anyone can post any answer. So you want to make sure to proactively provide accurate answers and ensure the answers given are also accurate. Now that this may also show up directly in Google Maps on desktop, it is even more important to stay on top of your questions and answers in local.

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