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Google Testing New AdWords Billing Page

Google announced they are testing out a new billing page within the AdWords console. The new features, as Google said, include:

  • Get more control. Choose to initiate a payment on your account at any time and use any form of payment available with your country and currency settings.
  • Make payments directly from your billing summary page. You can do this by clicking the “Make a payment” button.
  • Add multiple forms of payments and switch between them. Add as many forms of payment as you want to your account and switch between using them at any time.
  • Use different business and billing addresses. Your business address doesn’t have to match your billing address. Plus, each form of payment can have a different billing address.
  • Get additional support. You will have access to improved help content in the new Billing tab and help center.

There is also terminology changes, including:

  • Postpay is now called “automatic payments.” We’ll automatically charge you only after your ads accrue costs.
  • Prepay is now called “manual payments.” You can make payments to your account whenever and in whatever amount you like. Your ad costs draw from those funds.
  • Direct debit is now called “bank account.” Your funds will be debited from your bank account.

Here is a screen shot of the new billing page:

screen shot account migrated to Billing3

If you do not see this billing form in your account and want to, fill out this form. For more information, see the FAQs.

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