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Google Testing Instant Previews On Ads (Here's What It Looks Like)

Google is testing a new feature that marries its Instant Previews with AdWords. The test gives searchers a chance to see the ad’s landing page without clicking on the ad.


As you can see, all of the ads on the screenshot above — whether above the organic results or in the right column — are showing the small magnifying glass icon for Instant Previews. The preview image itself seems to be work exactly as the feature works in organic search; the search query, “lcd tvs” in this case, is called out and shown in bold on the preview.

When Instant Previews launched in November, Danny Sullivan reported that Google was planning this:

Ads, by the way, will also get an Instant Preview feature in the future, Google told me. There’s no set timeline for this, however.

Google has already pushed Instant Previews to mobile devices and created a video preview format, too.

(screenshot by Zeon Search via Twitter)

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