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Google Testing Colored Top Navigation Bar & AdWords At Bottom

William Vicary tweeted that he is seeing a colorful Google top navigation bar. The navigation bar is very similar to what is there now, except for the colored stripe at the top and the settings icon at the right of your email address.

I assume the icon replaces web history, settings and signout links to provide a drop down for those options.

Here is a picture from William:

google colored top bar

Compare that to the standard top navigation bar:


Also, Google is apparently testing placing AdWords ads at the bottom of the search results. I wrote about it at the Search Engine Roundtable referencing a few WebmasterWorld searchers saying they are seeing the ads at the bottom. I do not have a picture of what they see, but I did capture Google testing this in 2008 and 2005 and have a picture from 2005.

Google AdWords Bottom

Update: Here is a picture from @everfluxx:

Seeing bottom-of-SERP #AdWords ads right now..

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