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Google Testing A Twitter Follower Finder Tool

A month ago in this space, I wrote up a a fairly lengthy article — How To Find The Right People To Follow On Twitter — that listed numerous tools and tips for finding the the right Twitter users to follow. Google, which wants to be involved in pretty much any search-related activity you do, wasn’t mentioned.

If I were writing that article today, I’d include a new tool in Google Labs called Google Follow Finder — it was just announced this afternoon.

It’s based on Twitter’s @anywhere platform and, like many similar tools out there, it analyzes your following/follower lists and compares them to the lists of people who follow many of the same accounts.

Google Follow Finder

It seems to be very much a beta product: Two of the first five accounts in “Tweeps you might like” are people I’m already following, and all five under “Tweeps with similar followers” are accounts I’m following.

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